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Food Handler Texas Online Training (Spanish)

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There is no greater threat to a restaurant establishment than the risks created from improper food handling.

With our American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited training program, you and your staff can be better prepared to recognize, evaluate, and remedy numerous different critical hazards including, but not limited to: Cross-Contamination, Time and Temperature Control, Cleaning and Sanitizing, and Personal Hygiene.

With built in assessments and certification upon completion, each completed training provides you with the peace of mind that both your business and your customers are protected from any food handling errors.

Please note that this Food Handler training module is NOT a food manager certification program. Additionally, if you DO NOT work in the state of Texas, you'll need to purchase the standard Food Handler program.

Understanding the FDA Food Code can be a confusing endeavor. But with Food Handler training, anyone involved with the preparation, handling, serving, and displaying of food can be ready to implement food safety best practices at your location.
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