About Cenza | Food & Beverage Industry Training


Our Mission

To deliver training excellence to all food and alcohol industry members via programming that is targeted, effective and relevant.

Our Vision

To reach and educate food and alcohol industry members when, where, and how they need instruction, training and support.

Cenza is the authority in food safety and responsible alcohol management training, educating team members at all levels of industry organizations and operations on the premises, online and in the classroom. We specialize in many areas and use a targeted approach to help some of the industry’s leading organizations act smarter, quicker and safer.

Our unique combination of education and entertainment sets us apart from other trainers. We are serious about food and alcohol safety, but we understand that in order to achieve effective interaction, breaking through the current obstacles, practices, mindsets, and habits is critical. Virtually customizable to your operation’s needs, we offer more options for course completion, more class availability, and more certifications.

Our Trainers and Consultants

Cenza's trainers are thoroughly vetted and qualified through their education, knowledge, and experience. The general requirements of a qualified instructor are that the individual must successfully pass a background check, a child abuse clearance check, and be competent based upon professional training, observation, actual experience, or any combination of these factors.

Each of our trainers brings real-world experience and passion to each of our programs. Certified with International HACCP Alliance, Compliance Solutions, Inc., Health Communications, Inc., and Food Marketing Institute®, we ensure that you and your employees receive the right education and training.