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Food Safety Manager Train-the-Trainer Certification

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Product Description

The Food Safety Train-the-Trainer Certification Program is designed for those who will be training foodservice personnel. This will focus specifically on the diverse education levels, languages and cultures that often make up a foodservice workforce, and how to successfully deliver a Food Safety Certification training to them.

Each participant will receive and learn to use a complete instructor training kit that includes multimedia tools, training manuals and operational props. This kit has been previewed and used by Paster Training's lead trainers and instructors. By successfully completing the requirements for this course, participants will earn a certification:

Certified SURE Food Safety Trainer, from Instruis Publishing Company
Materials Provided
  • SURE™ Food Safety Manager Manual
  • SURE™ Food Safety Employee Manual
  • SURE™ Food Safety Trainer Manual
  • SURE™ PowerPoint Presentation
  • Video and Activity-Based Leader’s Guide
  • Training Tips
  • Course Planning and Delivery Tools
  • 2 Food Safety Showdown Games
  • Real-World Stories
  • Case Studies
  • Quizzes
  • Icebreakers
  • Practice and Diagnostic Tests
  • Exam Administration Handbook
Effective September 1, 2018 - All class and exam registrations are FINAL.

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