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Cooper-Atkins #TTM41 Coolit-Rite Cooling Validator

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Product Description

The Food Code requires that food must be cooled to 40°F or lower in less than four hours after cooking or hot holding. The TTM41 Coolit-Rite will assist an operator in verification of compliance with these HACCP Guidelines. TTM41’s built-in programmable timer tracks elapsed time while its thermometer monitors the temperature of your food. TTM41 begins counting up when the current temperature of the food drops below 41°F or time expires and displays the final temperature until cleared. Accurate for Life, Guaranteed.
Range: -4° to 302°F / -20° to 150°C.
Accuracy: ±2°F; ±3°F above 212°F / ±1°C; ±1.5°C above 100°C.
Length: 15" (38.1 cm) stainless steel.
Diameter: 0.2" (5 mm).

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