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Alcohol HACCP Manual

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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally recognized scientific method for analyzing and minimizing risks. Developed by Pillsbury for NASA in the 1960s, HACCP is used worldwide to keep the food supply secure.

Alcohol HACCP provides an innovative, systematic approach to the responsible service and sale of alcohol. This system is used to avoid alcohol-related incidents by reducing hazards through a continuous system of monitoring and verification. Businesses that serve and/or sell alcohol are responsible for preventing and reducing the occurrence of alcohol-related incidents. Careful training of all those responsible for monitoring the service and sale of alcohol can reduce these incidents.

Businesses that serve and/or sell alcohol must meet legal standards to not serve individuals who are visibly intoxicated or under 21 years of age, and must take reasonable efforts to intervene if a patron is intoxicated or giving alcohol to minors. If an alcohol-related incident occurs, businesses may face criminal charges and/or civil litigation.

This book saves lives and saves money. Alcohol HACCP Manager Manual guides readers through the progressive development of the Alcohol HACCP system. The result is a customized Alcohol HACCP plan for their business or facility. Protect your business, your staff, your customers, and your profits by demonstrating reasonable effort defense with an Alcohol HACCP plan.

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