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Paster Training, Inc. Partnering with Seafood Analytics to Introduce Technology to Industry

Paster Training, Inc. is introducing a new product to their product range, the Seafood Analytics CQR Reader 2.0. This reader offers quick, objective measurements of the quality of seafood. It noninvasively measures over 4,000 biometric data readings which objectively tells users how fresh the seafood is. It can confirm remaining shelf life, days since harvest, if the seafood has gone through any time/temperature abuse, and much more. The reader is easy to use and portable so it can be used by anyone handling fish including distributors, processors, fisheries, restaurant, grocery stores, etc.

The CQR Reader 2.0 is connected to the Seafood Analytics dashboard via a cloud based software which makes it simple to transfer data from the reader and create reports. The reader is available via a leasing agreement or purchased out right. The leasing option is a risk free way to see how this reader can benefit your business.

Tara Paster, President of Paster Training states, “This product is a game changer for the seafood industry and we are eager to be one of the first to offer it. We are excited to be working with Seafood Analytics and cannot wait to share this cutting edge technology with our customers.”

The Seafood Analytics CQR Reader 2.0 will be available starting Monday, April 25, 2016 at the 100th Annual Central Atlantic States Association of Food and Drug Officials (CASA) Educational and Training Seminar in Valley Forge, PA. Stop by the Paster Training booth to see the reader in action. To learn more about the CQR Reader 2.0 or to order one, call us at 866.394.1776.

About Seafood Analytics

CQ Foods, Inc. dba Seafood Analytics, based in Michigan and Alaska, is a technology company that develops and manufactures handheld analyzers and associated cloud based food traceability programs. Their analyzers have been independently validated by the Oregon State University Food Science Laboratory to be repeatable, and sensitive to degradation with high correlations to FDA seafood inspection scores and time since harvest. Seafood Analytics’ products are being implemented in the operations of National US top 10 grocery chains and in some of the largest restaurant chains.

About Paster Training, Inc.

Paster Training, Inc., the food and beverage industry’s leading training organization, has more certified students than any other private training entity. Since 2001, Paster Training, Inc., under the leadership of President Tara Paster, has been dedicated to making the hospitality industry more efficient, effective and safe. They inspire employees at all levels within each organization to internalize best practices through education from farm to fork and from grain to glass. Follow Paster Training, Inc. on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date information on special deals and services.

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