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The Importance of Using Gloves in Commercial Kitchens

A commercial kitchen staff, properly trained, can feed an army. They can also make hundreds of people sick.

Staff who wear kitchen gloves can protect guests, employees, and your business. Glove-wearing is a simple practice to implement and enforce. Studies show that properly worn gloves can substantially reduce the opportunities for food contamination.

Here are some simple reasons why you should consider having your commercial kitchen staff wear kitchen gloves.

Simple to Implement

Glove-wearing is one of the simplest practices to implement. A class in basic food safety training will have students gloving up, so you should continue this practice in your kitchen.

Furthermore, you can easily monitor and enforce this practice. If you use dark latex gloves, workers can easily see if the glove has a puncture. You can easily see if staff are wearing gloves since dark gloves typically stand out more than lighter-colored gloves.

Protects Your Employees

As you introduce kitchen gloves to your staff, you can explain how the gloves will protect them as well as your guests. In places where your employees handle food, such as in a deli, the gloves will protect your employees by acting as a barrier between their hands and the products they're handling.

Furthermore, employees can more easily grip their kitchen tools wearing gloves. Cut-resistant gloves will protect your employees' hands from the sharp tools they use daily.

Thus, your employees will experience fewer accidents.

Protect Your Guests

Kitchen gloves in a commercial kitchen ultimately protect the guests that this kitchen serves. You can wash your hands regularly, but gloves act as the ultimate barrier. Plus, when you're working with different types of food, you can simply change gloves to avoid cross-contamination.

Gloves also protect your guests who have intolerances, dietary restrictions, and allergies. Gloves add to the protection that keeps your guests safe. So when you are working with a product that has gluten, for example, you can clean and sanitize your workstation, wash your hands, and change your gloves. This will protect your gluten-intolerant guests as you go on to prepare their food.

Ultimately, gloves add another layer of protection for your valued guests.

Protects Your Business

Gloves are not the silver bullet of safety in the kitchen. Cross-contamination can still occur. But used properly, gloves prevent cross-contamination.

Furthermore, when a guest sees your employees using gloves behind a counter, they know your business is doing everything it can to protect their guests. Customers will continue returning when they know you're putting all the measures in to keep them safe.

Protect Your Commercial Kitchen

Kitchen gloves consistently and properly worn will keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly. You can focus on the task of cooking and preparing. Then you can move forward confidently knowing your kitchen can become famous for all the right reasons.

Would you like to have your staff refreshed with proper techniques? Do you want a consultant to give you ideas on how to run your commercial kitchen better? If so, contact us.

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