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4 Food Safety Tips for Food Distribution Companies

Did you know that there are around 16,500 food service distribution centers?

It's crucial that these centers stay clean and up to standard. Thousands of people die every year from eating contaminated food. In order to keep the public safe, it's crucial that you keep your facility clean.

In this article, we are going to give you five food safety tips that will ensure you keep your food certification. Read on so your center stays open and operating.

1. Emphasize Good Personal Hygiene

When you have workers in your facility, there's always a chance that food can get contaminated. It's important to take steps to reduce this risk.

Teach your employees how to wash their hands properly. Never assume that everyone is taking the right precautions. Leading by example will also help. There are more steps besides hand washing; everyone should be wearing the proper protection.

This may include gloves, shoe covers, and hair nets. Even when the CEO or upper management comes to visit, it's necessary that they take the same steps.

2. Maintain Your Equipment

Cleaning and maintaining your equipment is key. Gems and bacteria can easily build up on surfaces. You should set time aside to clean the equipment thoroughly.

It's likely that your machines will move, shift, or vibrate, which can move food particles around. Raw meat could be dropped between machines, and if you aren't cleaning properly you'll never know.

3. Reduce Clutter

It's easy to allow clutter to take over your facility. Items that aren't used on a regular basis should be removed and either thrown away or placed in a storage room. Boxes and unused equipment will collect dust which can be damaging.

Removing clutter will also make it safer for your staff. If someone trips and falls and cuts themselves, you'll have to spend a lot of time ensuring that blood didn't contaminate any of the food.

4. Create A Clean Culture

Everyone in the company should be concerned with food safety. Be sure everyone gets proper training from new hires all the way to the top.

Even those who don't work directly in the facility should know the importance of food safety. The company's policies surrounding the food safety process should be well known.

The culture of a company can make all the difference; you won't want your employees to be worried about talking to you about an accidental spill. Your employees will likely be the ones to catch any cross-contamination, and if you've established a safe and friendly culture, they will be more likely to report it to you.

Food Safety Tips

Keeping your distribution company in business requires you to pay attention to the cleanliness of the center. Not only will your business stay up and running, but you will also be protecting people all over the world by following the five food safety tips above.

It's crucial that you and everyone who works for the business know about food safety. If you are ready to schedule training or if you're looking for more information about how to keep your facility clean, contact us here. We offer a variety of classes and courses that everyone can benefit from; don't wait to get started.

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