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What Is PCQI Training?

Approximately 48 million people get a foodborne illness each year. The pathogens and agents of foodborne illness are hard to identify and stop. Luckily, there are preventative controls for human food.

For example, PCQI training teaches people how to help see and prevent, reduce or eliminate food safety risks. Please continue reading below to learn more about PCQI training and how it works.

What Does PCQI Stand For?

PCQI stands for Preventive Controls Qualified Individual. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) states that FDA-regulated food facilities must have at least one PCQI on staff if the regulations apply to them.

Preventative controls analyzes each step a food product takes from the time you order it till the time you send it out into the stream of commerce. At each step you are to prevent food safety hazards such as biological, chemical, physical and allergens. For example, storing food at certain temperatures reduces the growth of pathogens. Preventative controls for human food also include bacteria kill steps, and control possible cross-contact of allergens.

To become a PCQI, you must complete standardized Preventive Control for Human Food training course to develop and oversee the company food safety plan(s).

What Does PCQI Training Cover?

A PCQI certificate requires the completion of a 20-hour course. It covers a variety of food regulations, risk assessments, preventative controls and several exercises. Most importantly, PCQI training covers how to understand what is needed in order to write a food safety plan.

A food safety plan includes the identification of potential food safety hazards in a facility. It details the preventative controls used during the purchasing of food ingredients, manufacturing, processing, and packing of food.

Throughout the course, the PCQI instructor will discuss the best ways to document and verify a food safety plan. They will discuss process, allergen, supply chain, and sanitation controls.

You will learn about potential hazards and how to develop a recall plan. This includes hands-on training, example documents, and mock food safety plan exercises.

Who Needs PCQI Training?

FDA-regulated food facilities must have at least one PCQI if you fall under the regulations. One PCQI can work with more than one facility regardless of the distance between the facilities. However, each facility must have a food safety plan specific to its needs.

PCQI training is not necessary for all employees, but anyone can benefit from food safety training. This includes your executives and mid and lower-level management. Even the regulatory personnel, and sanitation personnel within your facility should have some sort of food safety training.

Where to Get Food Safety and PCQI Training?

Food safety training certificates are available online. Food handler training and other basic food safety certifications are easy to complete online from the comfort of your home.

Online training allows more flexibility for people busy with careers and family life. The self-paced courses meet state and federal requirements. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate.

Online courses for servers and other food handlers cover all the important food safety information.

PCQI training is a more advanced certificate can be completed in person and virtually. There are courses available in your area and if you have enough interested people, you can book a private course.

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