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The Importance of a Foodservice Facility Assessment

Around $110 billion is lost in the U.S. every year in productivity due to food-related illnesses. As the world's population grows, this is going to become a bigger issue to contend with.

One of the best ways to run a clean and safe food business is to get a facility assessment consultation. This may seem like a complex procedure, but it can highlight key areas for improvement.

In this article, we cover what happens during a food service facility assessment. We will also discuss what the assessors will look for and what you can gain from having an inspection. Read on to find out more!

What Is a Food Service Facility Assessment?

A facility assessment is where an expert comes to assess the health and safety of your business. They will look at both the environment and also the habits of staff working at the establishment.

They will also look at your business policies and procedures. They may also want to see any policies which you may have around transportation of the food into and out of your facility.

This is important because it will highlight to you where there is room for improvement. They will give you guidelines on upgrading your health and safety practices. They want to advise you on running the best food service facility possible.

Consultants may also look at how and where you buy ingredients and packaging. This way they can see the process and procedures surrounding the storage of goods. They will also be able to see how it is then prepared or sold.

Why Get an Assessment?

Getting assessed by a health and safety consultant is great for comprehensive feedback. The consultant will go through all stages of your food safety management system.

They will then make suggestions based on the type of food you prepare. This structured feedback gives you a plan of action to put in place over time.

How Often Do You Need an Assessment?

There is no definitive answer to how often you should get assessed. But it is good practice to get a full inspection often. Aim to consult with a health and safety specialist every 6 months or so.

This means you have time to act on any areas for improvement, and they can see your progress. There are a lot of things that need changing after the initial consultation. In this case, try to see them regularly until things have improved.

Organize a Food Service Facility Assessment

Getting a facility assessment is a great way to run a safety-conscious business. Experts will provide you with detailed feedback and suggestions so that you can grow in the area.

Cenza has the vision to educate food and alcohol industry members to run the best business possible. We provide training, instruction, and support to allow you to develop great practices. If you're interested in our food service facility consulting, then get in touch today.

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