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Ongoing Education: How to Improve Your Food Defense Training

Many people do not appreciate how important food defense training is. However, it is worth keeping in mind that the United States Food and Drug Administration teams up with other government agencies in an effort to protect food from intentional adulteration. They also team up with private sector groups, which is just one more indicator of how important food defense training really is.

Of course, the world of food defense is constantly evolving. That means that people need to continue their education in order to avoid falling behind.

So how exactly can you improve your food defense training? Read on to learn all about the most important things you can do to help you keep up-to-date on developments in food defense!

Organize Ongoing Employee Training

The first thing to understand about food defense training is that it is a moving target. Somebody who was fully trained a decade ago will not stay fully trained. The world of food defense training is constantly updating and so must the education of your employees.

Organizing regular training can help make sure that your employees are on top of the latest developments in food defense training.

Develop a Culture of Food Safety Management

Sophisticated food safety management has to account for vulnerabilities that exist in every part of the supply chain. That means that you need to emphasize to your suppliers how important food defense is for you. It also means that you need to make sure that your business leaders, as well as your employees, understand the importance and at least the basic practices of your food safety management system.

Assess Your Vulnerability to Intentional Adulteration

It is important that everybody involved in food production understands their role in food safety. However, some ventures need to focus a lot more attention on food safety than others. This basically comes down to which facilities are most vulnerable to intentional adulteration.

It is important to do a full analysis of your vulnerability to adulteration. The more vulnerable there are, the more intense your evaluation and mitigation strategies must be to avoid acts of intentional adulteration inside your operation.

Set up Food Protection Warning Systems

Helpful but not always appropriate is to set up surveillance systems for your situation. It is also important to prioritize watching any especially vulnerable parts of your production process but this is only a small part of a full plan of food defense and may or may not meet the Intentional Adulteration Rule.

In case of any incident, you may need to call up your first responders. As a result, it is worth reaching out and becoming familiar with them in advance. That way, you will know the best way to work with them if you ever need to.

Understand How to Improve Your Food Defense Training

We hope that some of the ideas in this brief article about how to improve your food defense training have been helpful for you. As efforts to intentionally adulterate food continue to evolve, so must defenses against those efforts.

That means that proper food defense requires constant vigilance and continuing education. To learn more about food defense training and where you can find experts to help you continue your education, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!

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